DP Bruin

The purpose of this website is to allow you a glimpse of myself and my professional interests and activities. I have spent the first leg of my career in management consultancy in a myriad of companies in different industry sectors and countries. The second part consisted of establishing, owning, supervising and managing a variety of companies internationally. The previous phase has been dedicated to an academic effort researching the fundamentals of firms, an academic phase if you like.

Having entered the final stages of the development of my PhD Thesis, I am now in a position to go back to business. This has first taken the shape of the setting up of a consultancy firm with a wide scope. I focus on the (interim) management and supervision of companies, and to provide management consultancy services on a strategic level, however the case may be.

You will find some relatively static information about me and the services I provide and a blog as a dynamic element. The latter initially featured posts with research notes during the development of my theory of the firm. Off late more practical business and societal issues are discussed.