Traction Services

I am proud I can claim to be successful first in management consulting, including various overseas positions, then in heading up an investment firm including CEO and supervisor of portfolio companies, and most recently as a PhD candidate. This path particularly prides me, because it shows I am much capable to perform in different highly professional areas in various crowds internationally. Reciprocally, this broad experience enables me to run complex projects and businesses securely and successfully.

How can I be of assistence? Most of my experience originates from the business environment and this is where I am most effective. I prefer to lead change over looking after the shop. My ideal habitat is where I am involved with the operational wake of corporate transactions. This might start with my engagement with the investment (or divestment) transaction itself and its preparations. It might continue as an operational director or a CEO of a portfolio company or its supervisory boards mainly during its operational integration and orientation.

And finally I am much capable and willing to take on the role of an interim manager of an organizational unit or of a change project as it flows from the objectives of the original transaction. Having said that, I like to emphasize that I much enjoy to share my rich experience.